Thank You for Your Submissions!

Thank You for Your Submissions!

Six months and thousands of entries later, the Maybank Foundation – Perdana Leadership Foundation Writing & Photo Contest 2020 finally closed its curtains to entries at 12am today. We thank all our young Malaysian participants for your support and submissions!

The next phase now begins: judging. During this phase, we will be in touch with participants with qualified photo entries, so please do not change your IG username or make your account private for the whole of December!

Perdana Leadership Foundation and Maybank Foundation thank you for your participation. Do keep a look out for our winners’ announcement in February 2021 (our judges have to sort through thousands of entries so please be patient)!In the meantime, continue to seek ways to take #climateaction, keep on writing and taking photographs, and stay safe!

#ClimateAction #MFPLFContest2020

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